Criminal Defense AttorneyThe Law Office of Andrius Spokas represents criminal defendants at every step of a criminal proceeding.

If you or a loved one have been cited, detained, or arrested, your freedom is at jeopardy.  Your constitutional rights must be protected.  At The Law Office of Andrius Spokas we fight to obtain an advantage for our clients at each stage of the adjudication proceeding.

If the police officer seized you and searched you without first securing your consent and without probable cause, the arrest may be quashed and any evidence obtained as a result of the unlawful arrest may be suppressed.

The same is true if a police officer engaged you in questioning that went beyond the scope of the officer’s reasonable articulable suspicion.  If your responses to the police officer and your behavior did not reveal anything that could ripe into probable cause in the eyes of a reasonable police officer, the officer’s refusal to let you stop the questioning and allow you to walk away may be deemed an arrest.  Any evidence obtained following such an unlawful arrest may also be suppressed.

The constitution affords everyone the freedom from not being subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures.  Over-zealous police work is no excuse for violating these freedoms.  Your constitutional rights must be protected.

The Law Office of Andrius Spokas will defend the following charges:
– Assault/Aggravated Assault
– Battery/Aggravated Battery
– Domestic Battery
– Criminal Damage to Property
– Disorderly Reckless Conduct/Public Intoxication
– Resisting Arrest/Obstructing a Peace Officer
– Burglary/Robberry
– Unlawful Use of a Weapon
– Possession of Cannabis/Controlled Substances
– Delivery of Cannabis/Controlled Substances
– Theft/Retail Theft
– Prostitution/sex crimes
– Probation Violation

If you or a loved one have been arrested, don’t let another minute tick away without adequate representation.  Call The Law Office of Andrius Spokas at (630) 635-2385 to schedule a free consultation.