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The Law Offices of Andrius Spokas represents clients in a wide range of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Attorney Andrius Spokas’ experience while clerking for an insurance defense firm in Downtown Chicago makes him uniquely positioned to effectively negotiate settlements against insurance firms and their attorneys and avoid the common traps while increasing the value of our clients’ personal injury and worker’s compensation claims.

Although Attorney Andrius Spokas has developed a track record of success at arbitration, bench and jury trials, at the Law Offices of Andrius Spokas, we understand that the stress and delays associated with litigation isn’t the best option for every client and we always strive to reach the maximum settlement resolution and present it to the client before proceeding to litigation.

At the Law Offices of Andrius Spokas we pride ourselves in transparent communications. We diligently seek to communicate all potential risks and rewards associated with every fork in the litigation process and assure that our clients are informed about every strategic step. We work meticulously with our clients to derive the most rewarding strategy to our client that accomplishes the highest bottom line payment to the client after satisfaction of all liens and medical bills and does not merely inflate settlement award without adding value to the client’s bottom line.

If you have been injured at work, in an auto accident, or have sustained injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence or intentional conduct, you may have a claim. Statute of limitations may bar your claim if you do not act in a timely manner. If you’re looking for a transparent attorney with a proven track record who will diligently represent your case and keep an open line of communications throughout the process, call the Law Offices of Andrius Spokas.
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